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Making an Image

Besides photography, I have studied editing and printing and stay current by constantly seeking out what others are doing. I have very good skills in Lightroom, Photoshop as well as several plugins for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Black & White filtering.

Printing is another required and acquired skill. Getting a print to match the image on your screen is not simple, and one can spend, it seems, almost a lifetime perfecting this. You may have noticed prints, from retailers, that don’t really match your memory of when you took them. Colours, textures, hues, shading are all difficult to bring to the page… but it can be done. Most prints require more than one printing to get them right.

My computers are constantly calibrated and I use only the finest papers and paper profiles. I do my own printing up to 17×22 inches, using an Epson Stylus Pro 3880, with K3 Ultrachrome ink. This is museum quality ink, on museum quality paper that will last and stay vibrant a long generation. If required I will outsource larger prints but only to print shops that I know will take the same care that I do. These are shops that have sometimes refused to print before additional edits were performed. I appreciate that.

These days as I build more and more websites and my image editing skills and web photography demand a greater percentage of my time. Building websites really is a natural extension on my IT background and photography skills.

I can also restore older images if that is required.

I care about the image. I get that portraits especially, hold a lifetime of memories, and that they are important.

I look forward to working with you to build your image portfolio that you can be proud of.

  • Web Photography 50%
  • Landscapes & Nature 25%
  • Architecture 15%
  • Portraits 10%

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